Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ TouristCare

With the TouristCare Health Plan, you can enjoy your stay at ease, with the comfort of all the support you need if you have an unforeseen problem with your health! We are where you need us whether you are working or on holiday!

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

    • What is Future Healthcare?
      Future Healthcare is a group of Portuguese held companies which were established in 2003 with the objective of “facilitating high quality health care for its clients”. We already hold an important position in the world of health services in Portugal and Spain, and have invested in the sustainable development of service quality, profitability and growth. The Future Healthcare Group is specialised in the health sector, with strong competences in health services, health systems management, financial systems and health insurance. We develop innovative products and services which improve the health protection of our clients and provide them with a more economical access to private medicine.
    • What is Touristcare and what are its advantages?
      Touristcare was designed for you, as a person in a foreign country who might need immediate medical care at any time. This Health Plan guarantees the following services: Permanent Attendance Video Consultation and Scheduled Video Consultation (by appointment); Medical Appointments, in cases of emergency, at the place where you are staying, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; Emergency appointments at private hospitals; Dental Appointments, Appointments, Tests, Surgeries and Hospital Admissions in the Future Healthcare private medical network and officially agreed prices ₋ Client Helpline.

    • How long can I use Touristcare?
      The plan you have contracted has a duration of 1 month.

    • How many medical appointmentscan I have?
      We will send a Virtual Card to your mobile phone, which identifies you as a beneficiary of TouristCare. Then all you have to do is contact the Client Helpline number +351 210 402 426 to request the services of your Health Plan.

    • I already have Touristcare. How do I use this Plan?
      We will send a Virtual Card to your mobile phone, which identifies you as a beneficiary of TouristCare. Then all you have to do is contact the Client Helpline number +351 210 402 426 to request the services of your Health Plan.

    • I have Touristcare for me. Can I phone a doctor for my son who has a fever?
      This plan is personal and non-transferable which means that to use the TouristCare services, the person for whom the medical assistance is needed has to have a contract in their name. In this case, just take out a new contract in the child’s name to enable them to use the services of the Health Plan.

    • I will be in Lisbon and the Algarve during my stay. Can I use the Plan all over the country?
      Yes. This plan functions all over the Portuguese territory (Portugal, Azores and Madeira). You can consult the list of hospitals with emergency services at any time. If you want to call a doctor, just contact us at the number +351 210 402 426 24h/day and we will refer the Doctor to you.

    • Under what circumstances can I call the Doctor?
      Whenever you are ill you can ask for the services of a doctor 24h a day, 365 days a year. We will always have a medical team available to help you.

    • What does the home medical visit consist of?
      At this appointment, our medical team is able to screen your symptoms correctly and prescribe medication to control the same. If necessary, the patient will be referred to the nearest Public Hospital and taken there by ambulance (a transport service which is free of charge).

    • What is the Doctor’s speciality?
      This doctor is a specialist in General Medical Practice and can answer to all basic health situations.

    • Can I choose the doctor?
      No. The doctor is chosen through our services according to the geographical area where the patient is staying. In any case, all of our doctors are very carefully chosen to ensure that you always have the best service.

    • How long does it take for the doctor to arrive once assistance has been requested?
      The waiting time will always be conditioned by the number of existing requests and the availability of the doctor who will assist you. In any case, you will always be informed of the waiting time when you make your request.

    • How much do I pay for the appointment?
      The price of the appointment is 70€ - 130€ (it depends on the location), and should be paid in cash directly to the doctor.

    • What is medical advice by telephone?
      This is a telephone service provided exclusively by doctors to assist and resolve immediate cases which do not require a home visit.

    • What if the situation is urgent?
      You should go to the Emergency Services of a Hospital and, in order to do this, you can consult the nearest Hospital through our Medical network or by telephoning +351 210 402 426. In this case, the emergency appointment and all tests and treatments will be charged at the prices agreed for your Health Plan, which are more advantageous than private prices.

    • In case of emergency, is my transport to Hospital by ambulance guaranteed?
      Yes. Transport is guaranteed for the Plan holder following a home visit and when indicated by our doctor. This transport will be from your home to the nearest Public Hospital and is free of charge.

    • What if I need a specialist appointment or other tests?
      We have a private medical network available to you all over the country, and as the holder of the Health Plan, you will have the right to more advantageous prices. To make a booking for an appointment, examination or blood test directly contact our Client Helpline at +351 210 402 426.

    • How can I search the Medical Network?
      You can search the whole of the Medical Network available for your Health Plan on the Touristcare/Medical Network website.

    • I have broken a tooth and am in great pain. Can I make a dental appointment?
      Yes, our medical network includes approximately 1000 providers of dental treatment who can be used for your appointments.

    • How do I make an appointment?
      You should make telephone contact with our Client Helpline at +351 210 402 426. It is available every working day between 9am and 7pm.

    • What will I pay?
      When you use our services you should always identify yourself using your Beneficiary No. From that moment, all amounts to be paid will be charged according to our table of agreed prices.

  • How can I contact your services?
    Through our Client Helpline at +351 210 402 426 ₋ 24h / day - to request a home visit by a doctor ₋ 9am – 7pm – to obtain information about your Plan and to make appointments By email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.